County Louth all-time best performers




New performances:


M 100m 10.89 w Seán Stratton 25 May 2024

M 800m 1:53.40 Matthew Fitzpatrick 15 May 2024

M 1500m 3:48.80 Cian Gorham 26 May 2024

M 1500m 3:52.70 Lorcan Forde Dunne 4 May 2024

M 1500m 3:52.78 Christopher Keenan 11 May 2024

M 1500m 3:55.68 Shea O'Donnell 11 May 2024


W 100m 12.44 w Tara Meier 25 May 2024

W 800m 2:14.10 Sholah Lawrence 4 May 2024

W 1500m 4:35.14 Eimear Cooney 11 May 2024

W 1500m 4:38.93 Lisa Conlon 4 May 2024

W 100m H 14.26 w Tara Meier 25 May 2024

W Long Jump 5.59 Enya Silkena 12 May 2024

W Hammer 30.03 Emma Conway 5 May 2024



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A list of the all-time best County Louth athletes in each event has been compiled. It was published here for the first time in December 2018.


It includes athletes who were members of a Louth club, or who were representing Louth in intercounty competitions, at the time of the performance, as well as former members of Louth clubs/participants in the Community Games in Louth who would generally be regarded as being "originally from" County Louth or who were living in County Louth at the time of the performance.


All events currently contested in the Olympic Games or World Indoor Championships are included, with the exception of the 20km and 50km Walks and the mixed 4x400m (for which no significant performances have yet been noted). Some additional events in which significant performances have been noted are also included - the 1 mile, Half Marathon and Weight for Distance (all for both men and women), along with the men's 50km and women's 24 Hours.


Performances that meet at least one of these criteria are included:


(1) it’s the "Louth record";

(2) it’s worth 900 points or more on the World Athletics scoring tables (2022 edition);

(3) it’s equal to or better than the minimum standard for the Athletics Ireland outdoor (or indoor in the case of events normally only contested indoors) all-time lists.


Note that, in the hurdles, steeplechase and throws, only performances with the senior hurdle heights/hurdle spacings/implement weights are included.


Intrinsically superior performances over the old imperial distances (excluding the 1 mile, which is included as an event in its own right) are either included in the main list for the equivalent metric distances or shown as supplementary performances (in italics). They are included in the main list if the difference between the equivalent distances is small (e.g. 800m and 880 yards) and shown as supplementary performances if the difference between the equivalent distances is greater (e.g. 3000m and 2 miles or 5000m and 3 miles).


It has not been possible (to date, at least) to thoroughly validate the authenticity of a small number of the performances included in this list. This applies particularly to some older performances. However, in the absence of any firm evidence that such performances were invalid, the athletes concerned have been given the benefit of the doubt and these performances have been included.


Although significant efforts have been made to make this list as complete as possible, it’s likely that several performances are missing. Please send details of any missing performances, corrections (no matter how trivial), additional information or other comments to Thomas McGrane ( All feedback will be very welcome.