We have arranged a long jump coaching session with Pat Power and David Murphy, National Jumps Coaches. The session will take place on the 7th of July at 10 o’clock in the Lourdes Stadium Drogheda.


Registration will be required for this session for coaches and athletes who want to attend. Each club can nominate three athletes (who will need to be proficient) to participate in this session. The session is aimed to “upskill” the coaches involved in long jump coaching by demonstration with the attending athletes.


The session is estimated to finish at 1 o’clock.


Details of the session will be distributed to the registered participants in due course.


This session is a prime opportunity to acquire skills from the national coaching team that can be used in your club sessions to further your athletes’ development. It is also an chance for the already proficient athletes to avail of the knowledge and advice on how to progress with their training.


The registration fee is 5 Euro per participant. Please register by contacting me at christian.maas@dkit.ie or by text at 087-799 8707. We will require name, club, contact number and e-mail if possible. Athletes should state their age group and their current personal best.


See you there







There will be no session in Bush on Sunday, 8 July.

There will be some specialist training sessions later in the year. Could you please let Christian know if any of your athletes are interested in discus and hammer throw introduction. If so, please send him a list of people so that he can plan ahead.



Louth Sprint Squad at the AIT Indoor Arena in Athlone, 13 December 2015
Louth Sprint Squad at the AIT Indoor Arena in Athlone, 13 December 2015